Creating Beautiful Spaces


Staging Tips


Clean Your House - this means carpets, grout, tile, windows, doors, around faucets, shower door tracks, mirrors, etc. Q-Tip Clean. A really clean house send the message to buyers (and inspectors and appraisers) that you took good care of your house.


De-Clutter - Remove all personal items such as photos, all religious items, personal collections of things - these are potential distractions or detractions for Buyers. Pack them up now. You are getting a jump start on moving day! Remove anything of value.


Color: . You may need to add some décor and furniture, and/or paint certain areas of the house.


PRIORITIES: START working in the Main rooms of your house - then the Garage and then the Closets, except the Master Closet – treat that like a main room.


Who are you? Remove ANYTHING with your name, your child’s name, etc on it -

trophies, plaques, diplomas, handmade items, even on a wall mural. We need to

neutralize and not distract the buyer, but also protect your family.


Protect Your Personal ID: Keep anything that has your personal financial info, bank info, job info, etc. out of sight. It’s no one’s business who you are, what you do, etc.,when they are buying a house.


Remove any calendars or appointment books and spare keys to house or cars – do not leave these out – not only is it clutter, but it gives too much info to anyone in your house.


Bathrooms must be very clean - wipe the floor around the toilet, keep the toilet lid DOWN at all times. Get rid of the Big 3 (scrubber, trash can, plunger). Use the undersink area to store those items. Do not leave a plunger in any bathroom – says “there is something wrong with the plumbing.” Check grout in tub and showers - if it is discolored re-grout it.


Make your beds every day - keep the rooms picked up so that Buyers feel you care for the house that they may purchase.


Keep cooking odors to a minimum - this includes fish, cooking spices, broccoli, and anything that is creates an odor.


Touchup - Touch up paint and baseboards to remove smudges, dirt, etc.


Pets - keep any evidence of pets out of sight for showings and pictures. That means no food bowls, cat trees, etc. out while house is for sale.